Notes on the Life of Salvador Dali

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Thesis: The showman, A loon, A Genius and Madman, and The man who owned a pet ant –eater, these are some of the few words and phrases spoken about one of the greatest Surrealists to ever walk the face of the earth, Salvador Dali. He was a painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and designer but is mainly know for his work in Surrealism. Throughout this speech we’ll learn about Dali’s art, how it changed the world, and how his life ends.

I. Salvador Dali, the early years of Art.
A. Where he Grew up
1. 1904 He was Born in Figueras, Spain
2. 1918 he had his first Exhibition gaining Critics attention 3. 1921 His mother passes away
4. Father Enrolls him in The Academy of Art in Madrid, Spain. 5. Expelled and later debarred from Academy
6. Arrested on Political Reasons
B. Moves to Paris
1. meets Pablo Picasso
2. begins work on Un Chein Andolou (acceptance into Surrealism) 3. Meets Surrealist Painter Paul Eluard
4. Seduces Eluards wife Gala.
5. Begins work in cubism, futurism, and metaphysical painting. 6. 1929 he founded the Surrealists group.
As his ideas became more disturbing he became more distant which brings us to wonder

II. Where his ideas came from
A. Work in Europe
1. After stealing Gala the group collapsed
2. Became known as the Arch- Surrealist taught by the Masters, in the US 3. Believed his paintings came from his dreams and Hallucinations 4. He began to paint his phobias obsessions and nothing was censored 5. “The conquest of the Irrational” masturbation, coprophilia, oedipal desire and fellatio to Hitler. A. Dalis work in the Americas

1. Became very religious based
2. Using Gala as a muse for the Madonna
3. Eventually became to devisated to beout in the world
4. In 1982 Gala Died of old Age.
After Galas death he was devastated and with drew to her medieval castle at pubol.

B. Emerging from Isolation
1. His bed caught fire, he was badly burnt
2. He was unable to stand or swallow due to severe malnutrition. 3. Weigh only 100lbs
4. His last days were passed alone

With out the work of Salvador Dali, I honestly believe we wouldn’t be as far along in the Arts as we are, for some one of the early 1900s to paint such beautiful and controversial images was a risky and huge step forward for the art community without him many of our favorite patterns prints and designs wouldn’t be here. Salvador Dali always said “I cannot understand why man should be capable of so little fantasy” and now I must ask the same, why do we limit ourselves, not just in Art, in life?

Slavador Dali 1904-1989
“the difference between the Surrealist and me is that I am a surrealist.” S.D.” c 2007 Taschen Printed In Germany
Original Edition: c1994 Benedikt Taschen Verlag GmbH
We all need to give thanks, in my opinion, to one of the greatest artist of all times Salvador Dali. Though his name was widely known

Born the 11th of May in Firgueras, Spain where his talent for art was early discovered. Between 1918 and 1920 Dahli attracts the attention of Critics at his First exhibition, had articles published on the old masters in the local magazine “Quand les bruits s’endormnet” He also had to endure the loss of his dearly beloved mother in 1921 after which he left to San Fernando where he was accepted into the Academy of Art in Madrid after being expelled from the Academy for “disturbing the peace” he was detaned under arrest for 35 days due to political reasons

In 1925 Dali Spends some time in Cadaques. That November he has a bitter sweet end of the year, he is debarred from the Madrid Academy, goes to Paris and gets to meet Picasso.

The few years to follow Dali publishes “Saint Sebastian” and develops an aesthetic Theory of objectivity, writes the Yellow Maifesto with Lluis Montanya and Seastia Gach . In 1929 Dali makes Un Chien Andalou, this film is their “official acceptance” into the ranks of...

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