Notes on the Beautiful and the Sublime

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Aesthetics, Gothic fiction Pages: 7 (2146 words) Published: April 4, 2013
The sublime in visual arts and music
The raft of the medusa
Théodore Géricault . Contemporary and political relevance. They are hanging between life and death . Drama in the wild ocean and the hope of salvation. Murder and cannibalism. There is a certain realism in the painting which at the time was an innovation yet is isn’t completely realistic, there is not realism in an absolute sense because there is certain idealization of the human figures, they are shown in very heroic poses when they were supposed to be dying people and corpses. There is a glorification of the victims. It was painted at the end of classicism. Human drama with universal significance: passions, suffering, hope… It is notable the fact that the victims were common people.. The victims of the shipwreck are hanging between life and death. Drama in the wild ocean and the hope of salvation. Human drama, earthly drama with universal significance, the common people with their passions and suffering.

Liberty leading the people
Gavroche, les misérables. Es sublime en accioón pues sabemos que el niño con actitud heroica, y en realidad las figuras vulnerables en la composición del cuadro de un momento a otro van a morir. Lo Heroico- Lo vulnerable, lo vulnerable representado en la figura de Gavroche asimismo el valor.

The allegorical figure of liberty seem to be inspired in Roman antiquity, once again the work focuses on the common people: their misfortunes but also their braveness The magnificence of a work of art, also lies upon what is not explicit in it, all that is suggested as in literaturethe painter can also give us a foreshadowing of the outcome of the sceneit represented such is the case of the impending death of gavroche in the barricade (man against a superior and overwhelming force) The Barque of Dante

Literature as source of inspiration. French Romanticism, literary painting. Un aspect innovativo de esta pintura es que no todo el contenido temático es revelado al espectador pues dante observa algo pero no se sabe qué es. Romanticism

A space for the viewer to participate. To draw his own conclusions. A measure of doubt. Neoclassicism dictated that you should be able to understand everything in a single glance. The sublime
The different perspectives of the sublime. Themes which inspire the feeling of the sublime Division
Active:representations of battles of any nature: battles, wars, man agains his destiny, misfortune, life, man agains nature, storms… Passive: contemplative, representations of landscapes
The sublime in visual arts
Dis play of strength, power, braveness, two battling forces: man against nature: the raft of the medusa, the lions hunting, la chasse au lion, man against man or suppressing powers: liberty guiding the people, man against death itself, Napoleón séveillant á l’immortalité In the lion’s hunting, we also see the beauty of the animal as well as its strength and ferocity Passive sublime is not really passive for there is always an active participation: intellectual, sensorial, of the spectator,. In literature an example of this is the imagery: poems, moonlight, darkness, etc. e.g. the day is done by wardsworth Longfellow Le sublime

L’idée de mesure n’est en realit’e pas étrangére au sublime: celui de l’art ne peut apparaitre que grace a un travail de mise en forme, d’elaboration. Ce qui fait le sublime ne sont passeulement l’enthousiasme, la passion ou la demésur, mais la maitrise de ces mouvements chaotique. Il intégre le désordre pour le dominer et lui donner form. Le sublime qui implique une forme d’exposition qui fait place aux mouvements de l’ame les plus divers et les plus extremes, et cependant en maitrese parfaitement l’expression et ainsi de la mesure dur la demesure. Le sublime fait alors figure de médiation puisqu’il prend racine dans le chaos pour l’ordonner et le conduire á la beauté. La véritable sublimité devrait etre recherchée uniquement dans l’esprit de celui que juge. The sublime...
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