Notes on Collaborative Consumption

Topics: Peer-to-peer, File sharing, Distributed hash table Pages: 2 (286 words) Published: April 2, 2013
By Rachel Botsman

* Collaborative Consumption is not a flimsy idea or a short term trend but a powerful culture and economic force reinventing not just what we consumed but how we consumed it * Swap trading

* Swaptree
* “Coincidence of wants”
* Collaborative behaviors and trust mechanics behind the swapping idea * Extremely dynamics technology enabling trust between strangers * Creates an economy of “what’s mine is yours”
* Hyper consumption to collaborative consumption
* Where the idea come from?
* Crowdpower – example smart mobs
* Power of numbers—moving from passive consumers
* Peer to peer to revolution
* Digital natives
* Mobile collaboration – culture of me to we; connection age * Ponzi schemes

* 4 Drivers fused together creates a powerful shift to Collaborative Consumptions

* A renewed belief in the importance of community
* A torrent of peer-to-peer social networks and real-time technologies * Pressing unresolved environmental concerns
* A global recession that has fundamentally shocked consumer behaviors

* 3 Systems --- a coming together that allows people to share resources without sacrificing their lifestyles or their cherished personal freedom * Redistribution markets
* Collaborative lifestyles – sharing of resources e.g. money, skills, time * One classic example is landshare in the UK
* Product service systems – ideal for high idle capacity e.g. power drill what you need is a hole not a drill; rent a drill * How collaborative consumption change behavior
* Example, car sharing (lowcardiet)
* Technology makes sharing fictitious and fun
* Sharing is to ownership; Solar power is to coal mine
* I don’t want the DVD but the movie it carries; CD but the music it plays * I don’t want stuff, but the experience, the feel it gives * How fast this evolution is...
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