Notes on Amarna Art

Topics: Akhenaten, Ra, Monotheism Pages: 2 (331 words) Published: August 19, 2013
Was Amana Art a radical break from tradition?

• Armana period - during and just after the reign of Akhenaten (late 18th dynasty) Noticeably different from conventional styles.

• Feminine depictions of Akhenaten, droopy stomach, lack of genitals, wide hips and thighs, narrow waist.

• Traditional representations of men had chiseled muscles, animal representations, eg, theriocephaly - artistic descriptions of characters that simultaneously share human and animal traits. Ra, Sobek, Anubis etc.

• Faces are still shown in traditional profile.

• Akhenaten elongated head, large nose/chin, narrow face. Amenhotep IV

• Ruled for 17 years.

• Abandoned traditional polytheism, monotheistic worship of the Aten, sun disk.

• Sun disk with rays, hands holding ankh at the bottom - giver of life, depicted as a part of the royal family’s lives.

• Break from traditional religion - break from traditional art.

• Hapi - God of the Nile. Related to visually Akhenaten depictions.

• Let Amun remain for a while.

• Lack of funerary and agricultural scenes in tomb artwork, no mention of osiris.

• Tomb artwork isnt inclusive of the dead person unless he/she is depicted with members of the royal family.

• Excerpts from the Hymn of the Aten rather than the journey through the underworld.

• Accentuation of different features. Prominent rather than blending them in as in traditional ways.

• Family relief of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. Intimate with children. Kissing and playing.

• Allowing commoners to see the royal family are just regular people - approachable and to gain support.

• Armana temples - gempaata(?), sun flow through, different from regular enclosed dim cold tombs.

• Talatat blocks

• It was a radical change in the sense that it differed from the regular artwork customs of the time.

• The egyptians didnt like the new art or religion styles because the traditions were too deeply entrenched in their way of...
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