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Topics: Writing, Argumentative, Argumentation theory Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: March 9, 2013
English 100/101
Winter Quarter 2013

Essay 2: Pro and Con-vergence

In the introduction to section 5 of Convergences, entitled “Dividing Lines,” Robert Atwan discusses the adversarial model of American cultural conversations. The sides are identified with labels like conservative/liberal, Republican/Democrat, white/black, and religious/secular. These labels sometimes simplify complicated issues and prevent us from reaching a compromise, but these types of arguments and debates are also used to determine how power is distributed and problems solved in our communities. While we may not have the individual power needed to solve a community dilemma, we do have the power to write and argue and convince others of our views in an attempt to solve these problems. In this assignment you will argue about one of the issues from Convergences. You may argue against or in conjunction with the texts. Identify an issue about which you want to argue, use two texts from the book and one outside source of any type (book, article, website, documentary, etc), and argue for a particular view and/or resolution of the issue.

Write a 4 four page typewritten essay using two texts from Convergences and one outside source of your choice. Identify a debatable issue from the text, decide on your own position on the issue, and use the texts to help develop your discussion. The texts may be used to discuss your view or the opposition’s view. Use the principals of argumentation to develop your position. Be sure to use the MLA guidelines to format your draft.

Due Dates:
➢ First Drafts are due Tuesday, February 26.
➢ Second Drafts are due Monday, March 11.
➢ Schedule Change: Portfolios will be due Monday, March 18 (not March 14!).

➢ Read critically and gather information
➢ Understand the process of writing
➢ Utilize various strategies to engage the process of writing ➢ Write academic papers
➢ Revise and edit...
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