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1. “Services touch almost every part of our lives, and it is almost impossible to imagine life without them”. Your comments on this statement. Explain the factors which have influenced the growth of the service sector. POSITIONING OF SERVICES

1. Explain what is meant by Consumer positioning. How is it important to a service firm ? 2. Identify the ways a service can position itself in the market place. Identify an example for each consumer positioning strategy. 3.Explain what is meant by position mapping. How is it beneficial to a service company ? 4. What are the steps a service organization should go through to determine the best positioning strategy. NEW SERVICE DEVELOPMENT

1. Explain the approaches to service system design
2. Explain the concept of blueprinting. Bring out its importance in the context of service design. 3. Write a note on service design process
4. Explain the various elements that have to be taken into consideration while designing a service. SERVICE DELIVERY SYSTEM
A. Employees Role in Service Delivery B. Role of Customers C. Role of Intermediaries and Electronic Channels 2. Why are service employees critical to the success of any organization ? Spell out the strategies for delivering service quality through people. 3. What is emotional labour ? How can it be differentiated fro physical or mental labour. 4. Bring out the critical importance of service employees. Describe the four basic human resource strategy themes and why each plays an important role in building a customer oriented organization ? 5. Is empowerment always the best approach for effective service delivery ? Why is employee empowerment so controversial ?

6. Using examples, discuss the general...
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