Topics: Sociology, Science, Karl Marx Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Intro Sociology, MW: 1130-1245
Notes from: 09/09/13
What is the sociological imagination?
A “lens” with which to view the social world
It is a perspective
It is the ability to see societal patterns that influence individual and group life The sociological imagination is about understanding the relationship between individuals and the society in which they live The “promise” and “task” of sociology is that sociology will help us to understand ourselves and our behaviors by examining the patterns in society that affect us In turn, however, we have the potential to act and change our society, which will impact human behavior, and so on… What are private troubles and public issues?

Private troubles: individual problems
Public Issues: problems that affect a large number of people Sociology is concerned with the public issues and trends
What distinguishes sociology from common sense or opinion?
Sociology is empirical- findings are gathered through scientific method (study patterns in society) Data and observation
Gathered using specific techniques
Analyzed carefully
Findings are shared with others
Findings tested by others (debunking)
What is debunking?
The unmasking tendency of sociology
It is the process of questioning societal phenomena that are taken for granted Conceptualized by Peter Berger

Sociological Theory
Sociology was born as a discipline during the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe during a period of rapid social change Religion -> Science
Enlightenment and the Age of Reason
Capitalism and Industry was growing
These conditions were ripe for new ways of thinking.
Who coined the term sociology and what system of inquiry did he advocate? *Auguste Comte
Coined the term “sociology”
1st to suggest that we apply the scientific method to the social method to the social world. This process is known as positivism Argued that just as there were laws of nature, there were also laws of human society and behavior Thought sociology...
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