Northen Spotted Owl

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1. Endangered Species in your Bioregion (Tempered Rain Forest) Northern Spotted Owl
It is a medium-sized dark brown owl sixteen to nineteen inches in length and one to one and one sixth pounds Females are larger than males. The wingspan is approximately forty two inches, they are covered in white spots. Owlets are born entirely in white. but once they matured they get spots or have large brown circles instead, it also has a yellow bill and feathered feet, and blackish-brown claws that helps the owl catch its pray. They are also known to eat birds, insects and reptiles.

Spotted owl makes its home on the Pacific Northwest, forest that are usually at leas 200 years old (climax forest). The Northern Spotted Owl is restricted to the temperate coniferous forests from northern California to extreme southwestern British Columbia. The range in British Columbia Spotted owl generally live in mixed forests and wooden canyons nest are usually made in natural tree cavities so owls can hide form the sun. Spotted owls form long-term pair bonds (divorce is an uncommon occurrence) and remain in the same geographical areas year after year.

Reasons for being endangered:
The single reason why spotted owls are endangered is that their habitat being destroyed rapidly by unrestricted exploitation and lodging of the old climax forest. Owl habitat have been reduced by 60% since the 1800's. In Canada, the BC government granted permissions to lodging and hydro companies to operate in their habitat. IN early 2013 the BC government approved a controversial strategy aimed at protecting the Northern spotted would by relocating and some cases, even killing barred owls – a different large owl species that has been encroaching the spotted owl habitat-. It is estimated than less than a dozen birds are left in the wild in BC.

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