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Reading Notes for PAD613
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Class 2 September 8, 2014 PAGEREF _Toc399170534 \h 2Article1: The Changing Context of Nonprofit Leadership and Management/ Jossey p.196 PAGEREF _Toc399170535 \h 2Article 2: The Many Faces of Nonprofit Accountability/ Jossey p.238 PAGEREF _Toc399170536 \h 3Article 3: Ryan, William P. 1999. “The New Landscape for Nonprofits” Harvard Business Review (January-February), 127-136. (Blackboard) PAGEREF _Toc399170537 \h 4Class 3 September 15, 2014 PAGEREF _Toc399170538 \h 5Article1: The Legal Framework of the Nonprofit Sector in the United States p.139 PAGEREF _Toc399170539 \h 5Class 4 September 22, 2014 PAGEREF _Toc399170540 \h 10Article1: Designing and Managing Volunteer Programs p.1302 PAGEREF _Toc399170541 \h 10 Class 2 September 8, 2014

Article1: The Changing Context of Nonprofit Leadership and Management/ Jossey p.196Challenges and Opportunities: The Changing context of nonprofit Challenges
Federal Retrenchment: During 1970s, nonprofits got financial support from the fed gov in the national wide recession; thus much of the modern nonprofit sector took shape during this period as a direct outgrowth of expanded gov support .1980s to early 1990s, fiscal pressures from gov cutbacks From Producer to Consumer Subsidies: 1980s to early 1990s, The Changing Forms of Public Support: the gov contacted with for profits to provide human services which put nonprofits sector into market place to secure public spending, so that nonprofits need to market the consumers. Some nonprofits cannot keep the pace of rising costs. Eg, the emergency of managed care Tepid Growth of Private Giving: overall private giving declined in absolute, and not just relative, terms in 2008 Competition

Share of service compete with for profit sectors: healthcare, education, fundraising The Effectiveness Challenge
Increasing adherents for stressing measurable performance
The Technology Challenge
Social and Demographic Shifts: doubled aging population, increasing labor force for woman, double divorce rate, five-fold increase in the number of out-of-wedlock births, increasing number of immigrant who get permanent residence status The New Philanthropy: vast development in different fields

Greater Visibility and Policy Salience; civil sociality
Resumption of Government Social Welfare Spending Growth: late 1980s, because of a steady broadening of eligibility and coverage under the basic federal entitlement programs; also because of appearance of new programs The Nonprofit Response: A Story of Resilience

Overall Growth: in revenue and amount
Commercialization: successful marketing themselves resulted in increasing collecting fees, adapt to new terrain of public funding for consumer side subsidizes, innovative business plan; marketing instead of getting donation Professionalization: Eg, specialized fundraising, infrastructure, education/research Implication

Growing Identity Crisis: as a result of a growing tension between the market character of the services it is providing and the continued nonprofit character of the institutions providing them Increased Demands on Nonprofit Managers: to meet the complicating working environment Increased Threat to Nonprofit Missions: more and more rely on collecting fees as subsidize Disadvantaging Small Agencies

Potential Loss of Public Trust, inconsistency between public perspective and nonprofit marketing Task ahead
more sustained public information campaigns designed to clarify the actual operations of contemporary nonprofit institutions revisiting the sector's fundamental rationale through organizational strategic retreats and broader sectorwide positioning exercises possible shifts in public policy to increase the salience of the sector's public benefit activities Actions on the survival side of the equation could include passage of tax incentives to help even the playing field for nonprofit generation of...
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