Nominal Dispositions

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How are nominal dispositions distinguished from conditional and custodial dispositions? What are some variations of nominal dispositions? How effective are they at reducing recidivism of disposed juveniles?

Nominal dispositions- are verbal and or written warnings that are issued to low risk juvenile offenders. They are considered to be the least punitive alternatives Juvenile courts are encourage to use nominal dispositions for the purpose of alerting the juvenile of the seriousness of their punishment if they were to ever violate the law again. (Champion,307)

Conditional- dispositions are adjudications that obligates a juvenile to comply with one or more conditions of probation or similar programs. These conditions are also suspended sentences community supervision, restitution, and remedial program(Champion, 37).

Custodial dispositions is secure or non secure custody/confinement of a juvenile. It is the placing of a juvenile in temporary locations out side of the home. In a secure confinement juvenile are more restricted where as in a non secure custody or confinement, they have more freedom. examples are group homes, structured schools, and foster homes. (Champion38)

Some varitations of nominal dispositions are nominal sanctions, diversion, teen, court, functions and disfunctions of diversion and alternative dispute resolutions. These varitations are effective at reducing recidivism of disposed juveniles,this process was so sucessful at decreasing recidivism that it expanded beyond New York to other cities. (Champion,308). Diversion is a major part of nominal dispositions. Diversion is a form of deferred prosecution that allows offenders to have a chance to prove that they are law abiding citizens. Diversion purpose is to eliminate large numbers of minor offenders from juvenile court processing.

What are 4 types of caseload models? Describe each what are the benifits?

Conventional model- it is...
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