No Sugar Jack Davis

Topics: A. O. Neville, Protector of Aborigines, Moseley Royal Commission Pages: 7 (1699 words) Published: May 24, 2012
Task One
Provide a brief summary of the main characters in the text?
Jimmy Munday
Despises that fact he is not an equal in society
Has a heart condition which leads him to his death after arguing with Mr Neville •Been to jail four times (not affected by going back)
Imprisoned the fifth time for possession of alcohol, being noisy and abusive and damage of police property (3 months) Gran Munday
Jimmy’s and Milly’s mother
Backbone of the family (the protector)(matriarch of the family) •Open about her feelings and emotions (very opinionated)
Originally made all her food and other essential needs using the resources provided in nature (whites taking all the land hence she can’t make all the things she used to) • Brags about bringing her children and grandchildren into the world with her own two hands Milly Millimurra

Jimmy’s sister, Sam’s wife, Gran’s daughter, mother of Joe, Cissie and David •Does her best to care for her children (act one scene six [Cissie is sick]) •Doesn’t like the way she or her family is treated but understands she cannot do much about it Sam Millimurra

Milly’s husband, father of Joe, Cissie and David
Frequently caught with jimmy breaking the law
Not as outgoing and vocal as jimmy
Plays it safe when it comes to the law
He knows what is going on but doesn’t do anything to stop it Joe Millimurra
Milly’s eldest son
Has a bad temper
Does not tolerate the treatment of aborigines (law is almost scared of him) •Tries to run away with Mary (get found and Mary is sent back, Joe is sent to prison) •Mary is David’s love interest, falls pregnant and at the end is released from prison and him and Mary with their new son end up leaving the camp Cissie Millimurra

Milly and Sam’s daughter
Literate (reads books and writes letters for her family) •Still goes to school and Sunday school
Respects and loves her family
David Millimurra
Milly and Sam’s son
Goes to school and Sunday school (not as committed to learning as Cissie) •Loyal and respects family
Frank brown
Unemployed farmer
Makes friends with jimmy who feed him and gave him a razor to shave •Buys him alcohol as a thankyou gift
Gets 6 weeks in jail because of it
Sergeant Carrol
Sergeant of the Northam police
Arrogant and ignorant
No interest in the welfare of aborigines
Stereotypical views
Uses un-educated and improper language
Constable Kerr
Uses un-educated and improper language
Member of the Northam police
Justice of the peace
A Northam cocky farmer
Sentences Frank, Jimmy and Sam for possession of alcohol •Rude, unprofessional and racist man
Auber Octavius Neville
Chief protector of aborigines
Does not seem to be willing to help the aborigines much
Instead of trying to get more money for the Indigenous people in the times of the Depression, he suggests that to meet the budgetary constraints, Aborigines should be deprived of meat altogether. Miss Dunn

Mr Neville’s secretary
Not a racist
Compassionate towards the natives (unlike Mr Neville acknowledges them when they enter her office) Mr N.S. Neal
Superintendent of the Moore river native settlement
Billy works for him
Cruel and evil man
Believes black are worthless
Tries to suppress the aborigines keep them ignorant
Matron Neal
Mr Neal’s wife
Looks after the aborigines when their sick
Pushes Mr Neal’s button
Treats aborigines with respect and dignity
Doesn’t agree with how aborigines are treated
Assists matron
A settlement girl
Sister Eileen
A missionary
Doesn’t agree with the treatment of aborigines
Leads Sunday school
Prepares a song for the kids to song on Australia day
Mary Dargurru
Joes love interest
Very scared of Mr Neal
Is going to be sent to the Hospital (usually means Mr Neal wants the girl for himself) Joe and Mary run away •Falls pregnant with Joes baby
Won’t let no...
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