Nitish Unlimited

Topics: Problem solving Pages: 3 (1067 words) Published: January 24, 2014
Problem Statement
The case focuses on the frictional work environment faced by Nitish. It tells how a start on a bad note could have impacts on a person’s career. The start in bad blood was contributed by various factors both internal and external. The External factors that led to the conflicts were observed right from the beginning when the difference in expected salary was very high owing to the difference in region, as mentioned eastern regions have a general salary level which if 50-75% lower in comparison to south. The Internal factors included vacant HR positions resulting in hindrance to proper decision making with regards to hiring. The other factors contributing were lack of communication amongst the existing employees of Solutions Unlimited with regards to the competency estimates of Nitish. There were no direct recommendations from Mr. Kapoor (the interviewer) about the salary and position that could be offered to him. This clearly highlights the lack of definite policies with regards to the hiring process. Detailed analysis

Nitish had been working in Jamshedpur, eastern region of India, where his father was already living apart from this his wife had also graduated from the same place, in crux it was a region of his comfort. This region had a salary level which was 50-75% lower than rest of India, this added with the need to find an independent house in Hyderabad, Nitish’s salary was nothing less than 4.00L per annum. Nitish had been involved in key decision making roles in his previous job and had the expectations on similar lines for his new job.. The key problem faced by Nitish was the unhealthy work relations with Meena, owing to several factors and the system incapacitates him to do anything about it. The compensation, role and responsibility for Nitish were not documented by Mr. Kapoor and not communicated to Meena, hence she had no guidelines to decide on the compensation for Nitish. Meena on her behalf was not ready with sufficient...
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