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Topics: Digital single-lens reflex camera, Nikon, FINA World Aquatics Championships Pages: 9 (3205 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Page 1: FINA Vice President Hideyuki northern interview Nikon (1 Bubble Network camera channel on July 26 the 14th FINA World Swimming Championships in Shanghai in full swing, as the main sponsor, Nikon has invested considerable human and material resources to support this tournament and we also Nikon Sales (northern China Co., Ltd. Vice President Hideyuki had an exclusive interview, let's listen to Nikon for this sponsorship and to promote industrial development of the image views. Q: FINA swimming through the sponsorship of the contest, the Nikon brand influence to get promoted again. Do you think the spirit of sport and FINA brand concept advocated by Nikon between what in common? A: brilliant color living in the land of our water sports, but also demonstrates the 'work hard, and positive' spirit of sport( Water sports projects both in the beauty, speed all seem to mind the shock, which Nikon advocated by the 'image from the heart' fit. This time, we hope to be able to Nikon's most advanced imaging technology, to record the more stirring moments, so that more people feel the charm of the water sports.

Q: sponsoring some of the top sporting events such as figure skating Grand Prix, track and field, the AFC Champions League, Asian Cup Table Tennis Competition, and this FINA swimming, etc(Technology News, is this just the products for image reasons? Sponsorship of sporting events Nikon Corporation had become a kind of tradition? A: We believe that Nikon's mission is to provide the world with not only high quality products through digital imaging equipment, the sport's moments quickly and correctly, perfectly recorded, so that more people feel that one of the charm, which is very important. Based on the above ideas, one after another continuously for sporting events contribute to, from this perspective, the 'sponsorship of sporting events' can really be said that Nikon has become a tradition, which is what Nikon digital imaging field as leader, the responsibility of a major mission. Q: Now, more and more non-professional photographers have begun to use high-end digital SLR cameras try to sports photography, Nikon has not considered the appropriate arrangements for the shooting skills seminars to meet the needs of this part of the photographers? A: Nikon has been the imaging product development, manufacturing, sales as one of the core business, while Nikon has been committed to promoting Chinese culture and the development of images, a wide variety of photographic activities carried out since Nikon sales company established in China , we will be lectures and activities as a way to communicate with consumers directly, which can be said to promote the cause of visual culture is an important part, whether ordinary consumers or professional photographers, Nikon will be treated equally, in the future will continue to promote such activities, and also plans to extend to inland cities.

Q: FINA Swimming sponsor of this contest, the Nikon NPS services provided in addition to competitions, there are other which sponsored content? We have seen before there is an official collection site banners, and street activities such as raising fuel slogan? These activities so far the situation? A: The Nikon introduced before the game, especially in a period of three months of the grand theme of the activities, the majority of consumers to collect cheer slogans present the activities of special website has been collected from hundreds of consumers across the country oil slogan, and is still rising in the number of participants. At the same time, June 27 - July 1, Nikon's staff also took to the streets of Shanghai, the flow of people concentrated around major business districts and universities, such as the Bund, Xintiandi, Tian Zi Fang and other places on-site banner raising activities Shanghai enthusiastic participation of the general public so that we both pleased and impressed. In this...
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