Nervous Conditions

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English Literature
November 20, 2012
Nervous Conditions

Answer the following questions.

What does Nyasha mean by saying her parents are “struck with hybrids”? (3 marks)

Nysha saying her parents are “stuck with hybrids” meant that her parents are wedged with Nysha’s behavior for the rest of their days, even though her parents don’t like it. Nyasha’s behavior had been inherited from England, the country in which her father studied. She thought that she wouldn’t have been like the way she is now is she had stayed in Africa, the same goes for her siblings.

How does Tambu regard her own transformation on the mission? (3 marks)

Tambu thinks that after going to the mission, she will find a different her. She has seen her brother transform enormously. So she expects herself to change as well. She assumed she will leave her old self and become a brand new person. At home she thought herself as a pleasant but at the mission; she expects to find another self, a clean, well-groomed, genteel self, a type of person who would not be able to survive at the homestead.

Why does Tambu feel inferior? (2 marks)

Tambu feels inferior because she is coming from a place much poorer than the mission. She feels like a peasant. She feels as if she doesn’t fit into the society at the mission. She worries of things like where she is to sleep, wuhether in the kitchen like she did on the homestead or in a room with your own bed, like Nhamo described.

Why does Nyasha thinks her mother is trapped? Do you think Maiguru is trapped? (4 marks)

Nyasha thinks her mother is trapped because her mother is well-educated and can earn her own living yet she stays in the shadows of Maiguru. She thinks that her mother can do something better other than staying at home. I also think Maiguru is trapped not because of educational purposes but of colonial purposes. Maiguru has to fall behind Babamukuru because she is a woman. A woman, must not work but stay home and do house work...
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