Topics: Iraq War, United States, World War II Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: October 7, 2014
Neoliberalism as Creative DestructionDavid Harvey page 22-44

Neoliberalism can be described as a new economic direction enforced by US and British leaders after WWII. It was touted as the best means to livelihood through freedom of the private sector based on four main pillars; privatization of utilities, financial deregulation, management and manipulation crisis and state redistribution where wealth was supposedly to ‘trickle down’ to the poor. Harvey assesses how a seemingly utopian idea was actually a way for US global domination and a means to restore upper class wealth. This destructive Capitalist entitlement is so ingrained that we are unaware of what an influential role it plays into our existence and our seemingly need for new commodities. Who benefits from ‘individual freedom’ and what role does it play in national education, media, and finances and internationally through the WTO and IMF. Quest for self-liberty through societal movement is traced back to incidents in the Soviet Union, Paris, China and Mexico, to name a few. In 1970 the first trial of liberalization was carried out in Chile with a CIA backed coup and further US control, designed by ‘The Chicago Boys’, through privatization and foreign investment; which is now used as a model for action. After 911 the US embarked on its ‘obligation to spread freedom’ as Pres. Bush put it. The Iraq war and outcome is a modern display of US control through declaration of Neoliberalism and its freedom. Continuation of time now allows awareness of materialism, class struggle, indigenous fairness and the global society.
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