Nationalism in Latin America

Topics: Emiliano Zapata, United States, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (314 words) Published: August 13, 2014
Nationalism – A clear and positive sense of national Identity Unites a nation internally

Transculturation – The creative process of cultural give and take This gave rise to a multitude of differences in speech, in customs, and attitudes.

Racial Mixing – Intertwined with the process of transculturation, 6tfca process that created a national population that is distinctive.

Nationalist – Often urban, middle-class people, recent immigrants, racially mixed heritage. They were “too numerous” to fit inside the bubble so they committed themselves to a larger vision which included more people.

Industrialization was the practical goal they most desired.

Felt comfortable being Latin American. Self- Respect. Embracing cultural difference. Reinterpretation.

The view that “everybody belonged” and that benefits should be shared brought forth the principle of Cohesion (the act of forming a united whole)

Critiques of Imperialism
Resentment, against foreign intervention, both military and monetary. Rejected white superiority and advocated for the matters of public welfare

Downfall is the situation that happened in Germany. Emphasis on race. Difference is pure race in Germany whereas it was the “mestizos” in Latin America, people of mixed race.

Europe and US – Whiten the nations (some latin American countries still doing this in 1900’s ie Cuba, DR, Haiti)

While Nationalist in Latin America celebrate mixing of the races.

Nationalists Take Power
The first country overtaken by nationalism was Mexico.
1810 Hidalgo’s rebellion, first great social revolution of its time the Mexican Revolution

Porfirio Diaz – dominated Mexico, old
Francisco Madero – asked for reform among just elite. Didn’t get it. Got radical (Diaz jailed and exiled him, boosting his appeal) Emiliano Zapata – allied uprising along with Madero’s national movement

Madero tried to rule. Failed. Killed.
Pancho Villa – Assembled army. Constitutionalists succeeded and took power....
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