Nabokov compare America to Europe in Lolita

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The Soote Season
The soote season, that bud and bloom forth brings, A
With green hath clad the hill and eke the vale; B
The nightingale with feathers new she sings; A
The turtle to her make hath told her tale. B
Summer is come, for every spray now springs, C
The hart hath hung his old head on the pale; D
The buck in brake his winter coat he flings; C
The fishes flete with new repaired scale; D
The adder all her slough away she slings; E
The swift swallow pursueth the flyes smale; F
The busy bee her honey now she mings, E
Winter is worn that was the flowers' bale. F
And thus I see among these pleasant things G
Each care decays, and yet my sorrow springs. G

It is a sonnet called The Soote Season and it was written by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. It is divided into three quatrains and a rhyming couplet, rhyming ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. There are two rhymes throughout the whole poem.

It is and iambic pentameter with a monotonous tone and reading, but it is well structured. The first thirteen lines of the sonnet dignify the joys of changing seasons and in the last line the reader expects the same, but is confronted with an emotion contrary to that portrayed in the rest of the poem. We do not really know what the poem is about until we read the very last line, which has the key of it. The theme of the poems is the contrast with the nature and his feeling for his unrequited love. In the first quatrain the poet is talking about season, and he is using two animals associated with love. Nightingale is associated with love because it won't stop singing day and night in the mate season. And he uses the turtle because it is a bird that only has a couple, and if it is separated from it, they remain alone forever. He is comparing the season with love. He uses alliteration in the first line, the “s” in “soote” and “season” and the “b” in “bud”, “bloom” and “brings”. He is using pastoral imagery of coming spring, because he is talking about the green hills,...
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