My Experience: Physical Activity Fun Day

Topics: Color, Green, Team Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: March 11, 2014
‘My Narrative Report’
Taking up P.E subject is quite interesting and exciting for me. This includes the laughters of enjoyment and a genuine smiles it brought to our life. And one of the best memories that I’ll cherish forever was the P.E FUN DAY. In fact, it was held last March 1, 2014 at MC 2 Campus located at Bajumpandan, Dumaguete City.

As early as 7 o’clock in the morning, I can already here the chatters of excitements filled with energy as students were talking about the said event at the easyride terminal going for Bajumpandan. And as I hover my eyes around different colours representing their teams can be seen, some are wearing blue, yellow, red and green clothings respectively. But I’m proud to say I belong in the blue team. As the ride is going on still, the chit-chats doesn’t end with matching ‘pindot-pindot’ with their cellphones or tablets, jaja if I know they’re just doing the so called group message. Then fortunately we’ve just arrived before the time. For that, we spent several minutes waiting for our classmates and as well as our leader to give and let her sign our gate pass’.

When the clock strikes at almost 9 while the sun is up already, the main program started at last. It was opened with a prayer through doxology and followed by singing of the Philippine National Anthem. Next was the welcome address that was given by Dr. Carlou Bernaldez, the beloved director of the P.E Department. After that, the dancercise was performed and participated by the different teams and several P.E teachers.

After the long wait, the playing of the different games has started. The first game was the “flag raising” of the respective team color that was won by the blue team (our team, actually). Next in line was the “rock the boat” which made the crowd yelled more, coz imagine?, it was a race where some of our team mates was lifted through passing them until to the finish line and uh oh! some of them were heavy. Unfortunately...
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