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Case Study. The WineShop
The WineShop is a fictional online wine retailer. It is open to the public: anonymous users have limited access to the system, and users can make purchases if they become members. The site aims to be attractive, simple, and usable; however, since it was designed by two computer scientists, we failed to make it attractive! It succeeds better in its technical aims: the WineShop manages over 1,000 wines, stock information, and a database of around 1,000 customers and their orders. Any user with a web browser can access the site, browse or search for wines that are in stock, and view the details. The details of wines include the name, year of release, wine type, grape varieties, and, in some cases, an expert review of the wine. Anonymous users can add selected wines to a shopping cart. Users can also be members, and the membership application process collects details about the customer in the same way as at most online sites. To purchase wines, users must log in using their membership details. If a user has just joined as a member, he is logged in automatically. After selecting wines for purchase, the user can place an order. An order is shipped immediately and a confirmation sent by email. Behind the scenes, the system also allows the stock managers of the WineShop to add new shipments of wines to the database. The web site manager can also add new wines, wineries, winery regions, and other information to the WineShop. Limited reporting features are available. Functional and systems requirements:   

 

The online WineShop is primarily aimed as an e-commerce site to sell wine. The system doesn't manage accounting, stock control, payroll, ordering, and other tasks. Users may select wines and add them to a shopping basket. Users may purchase the items in their shopping baskets for up to one day after the first item is added to the basket. Users have only one shopping basket each and may empty their basket at any time. Users of the...
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