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Topics: Johann Sebastian Bach, Chorale, Baroque music Pages: 3 (486 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantata 140

-Exam: everything is on it but no music

-cantata = that which is sung
1.Ranges from single movement for one soloist to multiple movements for soloists(s), chorus, and orchestra (like Cantata 140) 2.Sung during a service of worship
3.Based on a hymn tune
4.Bach uses the familiar melody of the original hymn tune (ie. A chorale) in the two movements that we have (first and last) [the beautiful high pitches are chorale melodies drawn out.] chorale: hymn tune with 4 part harmony (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) -as the director of St.Thomas (ie., the Leipzig Period 1723-50) Bach’s duties included providing music for the Lutheran services on Sunday -Bach wrote most of his 200+ chorales for Sunday service at St.Thomas’ Church in Leipzig -Scholars have determined that Bach wrote 150 cantatas during his first 3 years in Leipzig- that means one every single week! 48x3= 144 -What does the process of writing a cantata each week entail? Bach must: a text

2.write the music
3.write out the parts/supervise
4.rehearse the score
-Plus all his other duties

Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme- “Awake, a voice calls to us”—written for the 27th Sunday after Trinity (1731) -7 movements
1.chorus (awake)
2.recitative (he comes)
3.aria(duet) (when will you come, my salvation?)
4.chorale (zion hears the watchmen singing)
5.recitative (so come in with me)
6.aria(duet) (my friend is mine)
7.chorale (may Gloria be sung to you)
[just know 7 movements] CRA-CRAC

Two movements presented here:
First movement=polyphonic
Last movement= homophonic
-Gospel reading for this service is a parable of the foolish and wise virgins who await the arrival of the bridegroom -Wise virgins are prepared (have oil)
-Who will be ready for the second coming?

Last Movement (chorale)
-tune easy to recognize (and familiar to congregation, in circulation before Bach set it) 1.homophonic texture; four-part harmony...
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