Mumsie and ZIp personal response

Topics: Physical abuse, Abuse, Totalitarianism Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: June 1, 2014
Mumsie and Zip
1. The idea of power/superiority in a relationship is evident in this short text in which one person has complete control over the other and the relationship. The author shows the idea of power in the text in which zip results to violence to get his point across. ‘The sound of Mumsie’s head striking the wall echoed in the kitchen’. Zip does this to show that his word is final and the he doesn’t like to be revolted against by Mumsie. She did this by arguing that her sister and her husband could stay with her and Zip. Zips use of common dialogue and also Mumsie’s lack of retaliation shows that an occurrence like this is common in their relationship in which he carries on as nothing happened and also that Zip has total control over all decisions made in this relationship shown by particular things in the household how he likes it, for example the Casserole and peas made the way he likes it. This shows that Zip is obsessed with control and that within the confines of his home he is the superior and is able to be the ‘king’ while in the society he is a ‘nobody’ (which is why Zip doesn’t want anyone else (Mumsie’s sister) coming to live there). ‘They asked me to clean out the storage today, I’ve been working there 10 years and they asked me to clean out the storage’. This shows that he is frustrated by the fact that he hasn’t moved up anywhere in 10 years and is ignored by his superiors and uses his ‘king’ role to vent this frustration onto Mumsie. 2. In my opinion the author has incorporated the theme of power quite well. He has shown this idea of power through the relationship of Mumsie and Zip. This is used to show the dominance one can have over another in a relationship. Even though Mumsie is abused and beaten due to her difference of opinions to Zip’s she still remains in the relationship. Mumsie stays in this relationship because she has nowhere else to go as she has stayed in this relationship for too long to leave and therefore fears the life...
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