Mummification: Preservation of the Body Naturally or Deliberately

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What is Mummification?
It is the preserving of the body done either naturally or deliberately using a variety of preservation techniques. Humans were desiccated using a variety of materials, most commonly natron as a way to remove the moisture in their bodies to inhibit decay and bacterial growth. This helped to preserve the bodies and significantly slow down decomposition. The bodies were then wrapped in the traditionally seen bandages as a way to seal the body. Why Was Mummification Used/Done

In ancient Egypt, the entire country was controlled by a king, or also known as the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh was the controlling figure in Egyptian society; the people, the resources, and even the religion were under his control or were significantly influenced by him. Due to his divine status, the title of Horus was given to the Pharaoh; Horus was the royal hawk god. Egyptians believed that once the King died, his “soul” was split up into many different parts, primarily the ba, ka, and akh. The ba can be considered to be someone’s soul or his/her personality. The ka can be considered as a person’s spiritual power or life force. The final aspect is the akh, or the part of the soul that would communicate with the gods of the underworld, such as Osiris. Once the akh was established with the gods, the person would then achieve immortality in the afterlife. The reason mummification occurred is because Egyptians believed that once the Pharaoh died, his ba and ka would continue to live in the afterlife. So the mummification process was done in order to preserve the body so that when the ba and ka left the body, and would return everyday, the actual body looked as realistic as possible so that it would be recognizable. How were the bodies preserved?

What civilizations/countries did it?
How it Changed Over Time
Since mummification represented wealth, power, and status in society, it was later seen as a way for people to signify their connection with the gods and...
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