Multi Agency Working

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'Creating Opportunity'
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Multi-agency working is of utmost importance as to ensure that the young person is able to gain access to numerous agencies that are in place to provide them with help, information and support to manage their lives. The agencies I have regular integration with in my job role include social workers, probation officers, LAC nurses and other health professionals, members of the YOT team, CAHMS workers, teachers, advocates and the police.Each of these bodies provides specialist support to the young person to ensure that any problems encountered can be dealt with professionally, this provides an invaluable support framework for the young person that caters for all their needs whilst in care. Information is shared between these organisations and collated to draw up a care plan which is designed to meet the young person’s individual needs. This information is also used when creating a young person’s risk assessment so when they initially come to us we can have adequate staffing and support for them. Multi-agency and integrated working facilitates a child centred or young person centred approach.In my job role it is important to have consistent communication with the relevant organisations to ensure that the young person is benefiting from all services available. Referrals between these agencies is required by legislation and also company policies and procedures to ensure we are providing a service which is relevant to Every Child Matters, working together for children ,young people and families(2008), Common Assessment Framework (CAF), Better support for families (2007)...
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