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Discuss all the different roles there are for teachers in adult education, such as FE, HE, community education, work-based learning and describe the various contexts within which your organisation may require you to teach. Draw up a comparison of these roles and explain how you may be expected to approach teaching in these various sectors. Give examples of your own teaching role and any specialist needs your learners may have. Do you have any particular responsibilities when carrying out this role? Are there others with whom you can work as part of a team and how do you all fit together to provide the best service to your learners?

CPPD Task 2

Explain how you have to ensure your own beliefs, assumptions and behaviours do not alienate your learners and discuss any impact your values may have on these learners. Describe how your personal, professional and functional skills may have an impact on your learners and others. CPPD Task 3

Compare some of the theories, principles and models of reflective practice and explain how these can be applied to your own development. Give examples of how reflective practice has improved your own understanding and the way it has allowed you to focus on aspects you can do something about. Use a SWOT analysis to explore your own strengths and weaknesses and show where and how you can find ways of developing yourself. Pay attention to your own functional skills.

CPPD Task 4

Describe some of the activities you have undertaken over the past year to cover the 30 hours of CPD you need to do. Evaluate the impact these have had on your professional practice. Use any feedback from others to show where you need development and then identify any other opportunities there may be for you to meet your own learning needs, and to update your practice.

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