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Topics: Love, Marriage, Romance Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Romeo is presented as a lonely character. This is evident when Morcusio says “Hes bee seen there many mornings, crying his tears that add to the fresh morning’s dew.” From the quote it’s apparent that Romeo isolates himself from the outer world, Shakespeare tries to imply this through the sympathetic imagery and the way he apposes society. Romeo is presented as a man in a confused state of mind, “Is the day so young?” and is careless lost in the head. Further exemplified by.. “Why, then O bawling love! O loving hate” oxymorons Romeo is presented as romantic and loyal at the end of Scene II in his devotion to his only love: “Ill go along, not to be shown such a sight, But to rejoice in splendour of my own loves looks”. And in the very next act he as presented unloyal when his love rejoices for Juliet and asks to marry her. This time hes being loved back his love has been shown as extremely strong:”if I had written it down on a paper, I would tear the word from the page” shows his hatred for the montagues but his love is stronger for juilet Romeo is looked at such a popular character n modern age as a romance figure. But we see another side of Romeo when he kills tobat avenging his cousin Romo is brave going against his parents for his marriage to such an extent he would change his name for her “from now on ill never be romeo” Romeo is presented as to be someone who makes rash decisions, hes a very eager character and young/immature to marry Juiliet on the first night of meeting her. Porposoal : “th’ exchange of thy loves faithful vow for mine.” Immature to mature possibilities, Giving the relationship a name and making it official, he arranges it with the priest the very same night too. Further explified when he kills tobalt FOR avengence for his cousin and kills himself after seeing Juliet dead.
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