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Topics: Working class, Middle class, Social class Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: July 15, 2013
TMA 02
Task 1
Part 1
I will look at the key aspects that are present in the piece and how they relate to the question asked and the reliability of the source provided. The three aspects that I will look for are the evidence of economic pressure and how this drove people to fight against the poor law and rebel against the middle class and the oligarchs from 1838. The political movement within Chartism that spawned the general convention as well as the formation of the national charter association, and eventually put forward the petition in 1842. And the cultural community that was very inclusive for its time, letting people from outside England and also other ethnicities like William Cuffay have as much of a say as anyone else within the movement. I will then conclude by choosing what I think is the main catalyst for support. Part 2

What evidence is there in the extract above of the three explanations for Chartism’s support that you learned about in the chapter, and which, if any, is stressed most strongly by the speaker? In this essay I will show evidence from the speech provided, of economic pressure, political movement as well as the inclusive cultural community present within the Chartist Movement that helped Chartism gain a following, and reference other sources to support my discussion. And explain which aspect I think the speaker emphasises more strongly than the others. The primary source provided is the speech that was said on July 6, 1839, and was heard by as many as 12,000 people. It was taken from a report in the Northern Star a Chartist publication. I don’t believe this source to be particularly reliable due to the absence of the speaker’s name and that it is from another article. Certain things could be elaborated due to the bias nature of the publication. The speaker makes many references to the economic conditions of the times. One of the most...
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