Mountains Beyond Mountains and Poisonwood Bible Socratic Seminar Notes

Topics: Tracy Kidder, Mountains Beyond Mountains, Third World Pages: 4 (1161 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Socratic Seminar Notes

Mountains Beyond Mountains
Paul Farmer has made sacrifices, but it seems like he is unaware of them Or maybe he just doesn’t mind
He’s made sacrifices as not being able to see his wife and daughter very much He’s exiled himself to these desolate ghettos, though he has a house in Paris I agree with the way Farmer makes sacrifices, because he doesn’t do it to look good, but because he truly cares, and to him making them is a no brainer. The way Paul makes sacrifices is definitely something we should all attempt to imitate, because he pays no attentions to his own needs, only the needs of others. I think we can all try to do this, weather it’s on the scale of his Zamni Lasante or simply helping someone out.

I feel like Farmer’s argument rests on the saying that “One life is not worth more than another”, which is very true. And in his arguments, he makes the people think ‘is there really a price tag on someone’s life?’. Unless, you know that this patient is going to die with or without treatment, I wouldn’t need to factor in anything. It might sound naive. But there should be much more money funded into public healthcare. If you have to decide how to spend a certain amount of money, it depends on the area. If the area that you are going to be treating has a high rate of Malaria cases, get all the medicine and technology you can to treat that. But if there is leftover money, on the patient level, it should be first come first serve. Because one patient’s life is not more important over another, and having a first come first serve system makes treatment fair.

I feel like Tracy Kidder wrote in first person because he was trying to explain Paul Farmer on a personal level; how he makes you feel, the shame one feels when he is disappointed in you, etc.

It’d be much different if written in third-person perspective because it would give the book an austere, cold and stuck up feeling. Like ‘Paul Farmer is a saint,...
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