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Topics: DNA, Stem cell, Embryonic stem cell Pages: 56 (14248 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Module 1: Syllabus
How long do you have to take an E-test?
2 hours
Which of the following is curved?
E-tests and the E-final
Final Grades have?
Pluses and minuses
If a positive feedback signals reaches the comparator, what occurs?
Comparator will turn on the controlled
Where should you go to find updates on the course?
Announcements in Bioespresso
Where should you go to access your readings and assignments?
Where do you submit your extra credit paper?
Dr. Pozo’s office
A student athlete presents Dr. Pozos with documentation that he had an school-sponsored athletic event and was unable to complete the module. Dr. Pozos opens the emodule for the student and the student forgets to take the emodule a second time. The student petitions for a third time to open the module. Dr. Pozos will:

Not open the emodule
Where are office hours held?
They are held online through issue Tracker
If there is a technical problem with BioEspresso, and as a result are not able to finish your assignment, what happens?
You are responsible for submitting an issue tracker immediately How many times can you take the emodules?
Three times
You have the option to do an extra credit assignment. Which of the following are required of the extra credit assignment?
All of these (Concept Map diagram & explanation, Minimum 5 references, minimum 7 pages of test) You just took a Module Quiz 3 times and the last time you scored a 10 out 10. You are excited and want to see the impact in your gradebook immediately. You are flabbergasted because you see a 2 out of 10 for that module. What should you do?

Check back 24-48 hours later. If you still see no change, report an issue. If a negative feedback system reaches the Comparator what then occurs?
Comparator will shut of controlled system
Which of the following instances qualifies you as an "Extra credit special case"?
You are in a car accident and are required to be hospitalized for an extended period of time If you have an issue which of the following links should you click on to report your issue?
“Have an issue”
What days does this class meet?
Never. It’s all on-line
A student has missed 5 modules and asks Dr. Pozos to open those modules. The student has no excuse, but that she got caught up in the "drama of life" -the relationship broke up. The student reports this problem to Dr. Pozos 7 days after missing the 5th module. Dr. Pozos will?

Not open them up due to the long time since the incident occurred What initially determines the value of the output?
Which of the following are steps to succeeding in this course?
All of these are steps to success in this class

Module 2:
Although the scientific method is based on the premise that every experiment can be repeated, very few experiments are actually repeated after their initial publication. Why?
Money issues
A researcher thinks that she has the cure for HIV. She is working with infected persons in small towns in Mexico and Africa. She has no approval from the Universities in either country, nor approval from the patients. Her data suggests that her drug is able to stop HIV progression in 25% of the infected patients.

The patients have not been informed about the drug’s nor their side effects. Which of the following is true about the scientific method?
Although the scientific method is based on the premise that every experiment can be repeated, very few experiments are actually repeated after their initial publication. Inductive reasoning is
A proposed explanation for a set of observations
A military operation requires the attack force to climb to high altitudes. As a member of the group, you have had extensive experience in these kinds of operation. However, to minimize high altitude syndrome, a member of the team tells you that he uses a secret herb that natives gave him to increase his endurance. You ingest this grass and you have increased endurance in...
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