Module 3 Quiz

Topics: Employment, Discrimination, Affirmative action Pages: 10 (2463 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Module 3 Test: Chapter 3

Question 1
1.In order to minimize backlash by majority males against diversity efforts, trainers and managers should
a)emphasize that employees are free to believe whatever they wish, but they must behave with respect toward all the individuals with whom their work brings them into contact. b)terminate the worst of the discontented majority males, as their attitudes will be difficult to change and will poison the climate of the organization. c)stress that behavior change follows attitude change, so it is critical to change the attitudes of majority male employees. d)cut back on traditional diversity training and instead focus training efforts on team building, cooperation, and company esprit de corps.

Question 2
1. All of the following types of organizations fall under Title VII EXCEPT
a)private employers of 15 or more persons.
b)agencies of the federal government.
c)private religious educational institutions.
d)national labor unions.

Question 3
1. Which of the following is NOT an argument typically made FOR Affirmative Action?
a)Affirmative action goals are not quotas. They are indications that progress is needed. b)In the long run, affirmative action will result in more equality for everyone. c)Affirmative action is needed to overcome past injustices. d)Affirmative action has allowed protected classes to advance without being penalized for inferior educations and skill levels.

Question 4
1. A bona fide occupational qualification for the job of truck driver for a beer distributing company would include all of the following EXCEPT
a)possession of a commercial driver’s license.
b)the ability to lift a minimum of fifty pounds.
c)a bachelor’s degree in any field.
d)basic literacy.

Question 5
1. If accommodating a disabled person imposes significant difficulty or expense on an employer, the employer
a)will be responsible for finding alternate work for the disabled person. b)may apply for federal grant money to make the accommodation. c)may reduce the salary of the disabled person to compensate. d)can claim undue hardship exists.

Question 6
1. For years after she broke her hip in a car wreck Becky was addicted to prescription pain medication. Now, Becky is free of her addiction, but she continues to attend a 12-step program to stay drug free. Becky is covered by the ADA.


Question 7
1. Which of the following statements is TRUE with regard to sexual orientation and gay rights?
a)State and city laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation have typically been held invalid by the individual state supreme courts. b)The U.S. Supreme Court has not decided whether gay men and lesbians have rights under the equal protection amendment to the U.S. Constitution. c)Transvestites are considered disabled under the ADA.

d)Federal law prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.
Question 8
1. A/an ____ is issued by the president of the United States to provide direction to government departments on a specific area.
a)executive order
b)presidential directive
c)legislative initiative
d)federal mandate

Question 9
1. John took early retirement last year at age 58. Now his former employer wants to rehire John as an independent consultant. Which of the following statements is FALSE?
a)John is more likely to have a job offer from his former employer than if he searches for a job with different employers where he may be viewed a “overqualified” or encounter other forms of age discrimination. b)If John accepts a contract with his old employer, he will not have the same protection from discrimination that he did as an employee. c)Re-hiring retirees is a common practice, because it retains their experience and expertise within the firm. d)The employer is violating the ADEA because it is hiring John to do the same work that he did as an employee, but...
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