Module 10

Topics: European Union, Joint Aviation Authorities, International Civil Aviation Organization Pages: 5 (1295 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Module 10 Aviation Legislation International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Formed in 1944 in Chicago
Part of the United Nations
Members are sovereign countries (191 members)
Purpose is to harmonize and improve the safety of the international standards in civil aviation

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) *UK
Formed in April 1972 as the first unified and independent body controlling civil aviation.

Air Navigation Order (ANO)
A book which lays down the law of the land with respect to civil aviation. It is composed of articles and schedules.

CAA Safety Regulation Group (SRG)
SRG is and subdivision from CAA which has it's headquarters at Aviation House at Gatwick Airport in Sussex.

The Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) (headquarters in Hoofddorp Netherlands) was an associated body of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC). The JAA membership was based on signing the “JAA arrangements”, document originally was based by the then current member states in Cyprus in 1990. Based on these arrangements and related commitments, the JAA objectives; Aviation safety

CO-operation with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Business effectiveness
Consolidation of common standards
International Co-operation

EASA key facts
Stands for European Aviation Safety Agency
An agency of the European Union (EU)
Created by an act of EU law.
Purpose is to enforce common standards across the EU.
Requirements became law in all EU countries
Headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

Regulation 1592/2002 established EASA and detailed the function of EASA and how it would do its job. Certification Specification (CS), there are many CS's, a few if which are listed below: CS 23 Deals with certification specifications for small airplanes. CS 25 Deals with certification specifications for large airplanes. CS 25 and 29 deals with small and large helicopters.

Basic Regulation 216/2008 (1&2) Implementing Rule Certification (1) Annex – Part 21 Certification Specifications – CS 23 (small airplanes), CS 25 (Large airplanes), CS 27 (Small helicopters) & CS 29 (Large helicopters + 1 engine) Implementing Rule Maintenance (2) Annex 1 Part M – Continuing Airworthiness Annex 2 Part 145 – Maintenance Organizations Annex 3 Part 66 – Certifying Staff Annex 4 Part 147 – Training Organizations | Structure of individual parts.

The individual Parts (Eg Part 145) are each divided into sections. Section A lays down the requirements with which the organization or individual must comply and gives guidance on how these requirements can be satisfied. This is the part of the document which will be considered on this course. (Tech requirements) Section B lays down the procedures for the authorities (eg CAA) to follow in order to regulate the approved companies and individuals. (Procedure for the authority) Supporting documents.

The requirements in each part sometimes need clarification so far each part there are Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMS) and Guidance Material (GM). Acceptable Means of Compliance will lay down one acceptable method for complying with the requirements. This method is acceptable to the authority but is not the only method which may be used. A different method could be usedd providing that the authority will accept it. Guidance Material gives some explanation of the contents of a requirement and helps to clarify what the requirements are saying. PART 145

The Part 145 approval is granted by an organization known as the “competent authority”. If the maintenance organization is situated inside European Union then the competent authority is national aviation authority of that country (Civil Aviation Authority in the UK). If the organization is outside the EU then the competent authority is EASA itself. The procedures which the competent authority must follow are laid down in Section B of Part 145. In order to gain approval the organization...
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