Module 1 Hrm Dessler

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Chapter 1 Discussion Questions
1.Human resource management according to our textbook is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees, and of attending to their labor relations, health, and safety, and fairness concerns. It directly relates to management process because the management process includes: Planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. 2.Human resource management can be useful to all managers for a host of reasons. The two most important reasons I notes in our textbook were: Avoiding personnel mistakes such as hiring the wrong person for the job, wasting your time with useless interviews, and committing any unfair labor practices. And boosting your profits and the company’s performance. 3.Our textbook says “all managers are, in a sense, human resource managers, because they all get involved in recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and training their employees. However, there is a difference between Line managers and staff managers. Line Managers are usually associated with managing departments that are crucial for a company’s survival. Line managers are authorized to direct the work of subordinates and are responsible for accomplishing the organization’s task. Staff managers are those who assist and advise the line managers. The staff managers generally run departments and have roles that are related to purchasing, and human resource management. As well as assisting the line manager with hiring/firing and compensation. 4.Many organizations have resources at their disposal; however the two that are the most useful are always manpower and Human resources. Because all resources are the same across the board (I.E Aluminum is aluminum no matter who has it) the real difference is which companies can make which items from the needed resource. So creativity can become a competitive advantage for someone in an HR department. Advantageous creations can lead to a better change to mark your place in the market. Also since the world around us is changing daily so is technology. The new and changing technological advances are leading to more and more high tech jobs. Due to all the changes there is a need to lower the cost and increase the productivity of the workers. This brings more emphasis to “knowledge work” and is building “human capital”. Globalization has also become a bigger thing than I think anyone ever thought it would be; with it being so big there is an increasing need for competition to effectively hold your ground in the global environment. If there organizations are able to mange to do their work efficiently and effectively then all stakeholders (official and non-official) will benefit in the end. Apple is an excellent example of this. They were advantageous with the IPhone, the started it out and had to prove its worth. Over time it became a sensation that people will camp out and stand in line for (for weeks at a time). Not only is Apple a big corporation here in the united states… it’s placed its flag in the global market. 5. I have worked for the State of Tennessee in both the legislature and in the department of children services. With that being said I have to note that some of the HR managers I’ve dealt with haven’t been the best at their job. But with that in mind, I do have a few traits that I would like to list as a “must” for HR managers. They have to be able to look at the “big picture”. Yes small details matter, but you have to look at the big picture issues. They also have to be able to provide the day to day transactional needs that the company has. They have to be able to tell you how to solve you 401k problem when you call. They are responsible for making sure your yearly/weekly/monthly job trainings are completed on time.  

Chapter 2 discussion questions
1.This question asked us to tell the main features of several acts… I will be doing each in its own mini paragraph a.Title VII of the 1964 civil rights act...
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