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Topics: Ethernet, Access control, OSI model Pages: 2 (251 words) Published: February 11, 2014
1.What layer device is a switch? What address is used to make switching decisions? Layer 2, MAC address

2.What are the three layers of the Cisco hierarchical design model? Access, distribution, core

3.What are the functions performed at each of the layers and what features are common at each layer and what features are different at each layer? Access switches, poe, port security, 100Mbs, link aggregation, QOS Distibution, link aggregation, security policies, 10 Gbs, redundancy, qos, Core Distibution, link aggregation, 10 Gbs, redundancy, qos

4.What is the difference between the conventional network architecture and a converged network architecture? Converged network combines all into 1, phone, voice, video, data

5.What is link aggregation, at which layer (s) does it occur? Faster thoughput using more Ethernet cables and ports, distribution and core

6.What is the difference between a fixed chassis switch and modular switch? Fixed you get what comes with moduler you can upgrade.

7.What type of device is required to allow computers on two different VLANs to communicate? Layer 3 router

8.What are the characteristics of an enterprise level switch? More expensive, a lot of ports faster throughput, more features

9.What switch feature is required to support voice over IP? Vlans

10.What security is available when configuring a switch in an enterprise environment? Port security, Access control lists

11.Why is traffic flow analysis an important process in designing and sizing a new network? Shows how much bandwidth you will need

12.What is StackWise technology? Cisco propritery stack switches onto eachother and use special cable to connect them
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