Modern State

Topics: Michel Foucault, Panopticon, World War II Pages: 3 (702 words) Published: August 25, 2013
1.What does the modern state do? What are the salient features of the modern state? a. intrusive and regulative
i. restricts individual freedom
ii. control all citizens lives everywhere
iii. the state is an omnipresent busy body
b. extractive
c. coercive
i. monopoly over mens of violence
ii. coerce us into willing/ unwilling means

2. How has the modern state appeared and evolved?

Charles Taily’s argument
The fundamental root of formation and expansion = the need to prepare wars, fight wars and win wars The STATES that are GOOD at war-making has SURVIVED. Logic of argument
Wars get more frequent and/or more lethal and destructive in 17th centurary. Rulers live in constant fear. Fear of being invaded by outsiders insecurity and uncertainty. The overriding imperative of rulers= prepare for potential attacks, fight wars and win wars against enemies. Ence, large, well-equppiment military is essential What is necessary to build up a large well-equipped standing military? a. Money systematic and ruthless taxation make it madatry to pay on time, in full and regularly b. Manpower military conscription

In order to enforce taxation and conscription effectively, the ruler needs to know exactly how many people lie in every village, etc

The ruler needs to extend his power over long geographical distance local agents must be assigned to every village

Hence, the ruler needs to regulate all people’s lives throughout his territory

Roads are not politically neutral means of public transportation, but political tools of penetration into every corner. Jeffrey Herbst coins the term “infrastructures of state power!” Why poor law enforcement in Afirca. The more roads, the more state power. Few roads makes state penetration difficult. Assign numbers to all individual citizens such as passports, national ID, student ID Assign numbers for...
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