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Topics: Human rights, Human, Poetry Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Name: Sarah Shafqat
Roll. no. : 16-10228
Forman Christian College, Lahore
I am the tree...
Composed in the form of two non rhythmic quatrains and one quintet the poem delivers sentiments of a man exiled from his land, his people, his life on sheer ethical basis.' I am the tree', written in simple language gives out a powerful message coming from a withered soul whose speaking not only for himself but for generations deprived of basic human rights in every sense of the word. The system of apartheid that he strongly denounced formed basis of Dennis Vincent Brutus's protest poetry. "I am the treecreaking in the windoutside in the nighttwisted and stubborn" In the first quatrain Brutus uses the simile of a tree to describe his identity that has been snatched away from him. The poet paints a dark and gloomy picture which explains the crisis of his situation along with the cheerless life he lives away from his land. 'Creaking in the wind' describes the urge of a man crying out loud for acceptance of his existence because trees on earth, like human beings are innumerable and most importantly vital for survival. In this way just as every tree is important for life is the same way every human being irrespective of color or race is important and deserves happiness. 'Twisted and stubborn' are the phrases used probably for the roots of a tree that can be bonded with the poets determination to write and protest through his writings until justice is restored for millions of sad hearts who were victims of apartheid. "I am the sheetof the twisted tinshackgrating in the windin a shrill sad protest" This quintet gives the underlying message of dislocation that might have made the mistreated subject of identity crisis. He describes his helplessness as well as strength by referring to twisted tin, tin itself being resistant to corrosion yet being malleable and soft in nature. Blowing of the wind is used to describe the oppression which the discriminated...
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