Modern Janus

Topics: Marshall McLuhan, Mind, Mass media Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: October 10, 2012
The Modern Janus
By: James C. Morrison
1) Why do you James decide to write about Marshall McLuhan? Answer: Well, I thought it was important for individuals who are studying the role which communication has on society and should understand McLuhan was one of the early public speakers and writers which discussed the role which media would have on communication. You can think of him as a contemporary man who was thinking in advance of the effect which media would have on communication. 2) What did McLuhan think of Media?

Answer: McLuhan thought media was something which needed to be addressed. He felt media and technologies were becoming more apparent. McLuhan was intrigued in how media can influence change in culture and society however deep down he knew the negatives of media as well. For example he would tell his son to be cautious when his daughter watches TV “try not to have Emily exposed to hours and hours of TV It is a vile drug which permeates to the nervous system, especially in the young” McLuhan was a media ecologist, because he tried to establish awareness of the unnoticed effects technologies had on people. 3) What do you mean when referring to Synesthesia?

Answer: McLuhan felt all types of media can affect ones consciousness process by stimulating different thoughts and meanings in an individual’s mind. For example currently Prime Minister Harper wants to establish a tough on crime approach and does this by informing the media we need to lock up criminals for long period of times even for less serious crimes because crime is on the rise. One could argue this fact may or not be true that crime is on the rise but what primes minister Harper is arguing has the potential to influence change and thinking in a society.?

4) How was McLuhan perceived?

Answer: McLuhan was not appreciated for his early work in the field of understanding media and communication. His work was not closely examined by many. However in recent years with the...
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