Mkg 408 Study Guide

Exam III Study Guide
MGT 408
Chapter 9: Organization Size, Life Cycle, and Decline
Key Terms and Concepts
Pressures for growth
--compete on global scale
--invest in new technology
--control distribution channels and guarantee access to markets Differences between large vs. small organizations
--Large-built for optimization
--Small-built for innovation
Big-company/small-company hybrid definition and examples
Organization life cycle
o Stages of life cycle
o Identify crisis at each stage*
Organizational characteristics during life cycle
o Pay close attention to structure and goals Bureaucracy
o Rules and procedures
o Specialization and division of labor
o Hierarchy of authority
o Technically qualified personnel
o Separate position from position holder
o Written communications and records
Size and structural control
o Formalization vs. centralization
o Personnel ratios
Bureaucracy in a changing world
Temporary systems
Approaches to busting bureaucracy Bureaucratic control
Market control
Clan control
Organizational decline and downsizing
o Organizational decline
Organizational atrophy
Environmental decline or competition
Model of decline stages
o Blinded
o Inaction
o Faulty action
o Crisis
o Dissolution
Downsizing implementation
o Communicate more
o Provide assistance to displaced workers
o Help the survivors thrive

Chapter 10: Organizational Culture and Ethical Values
Key Terms and Concepts
Organizational culture
o Internal and external integration
o Levels of corporate culture
 Observable symbols, ceremonies, stories, slogans, behaviors, dress, physical settings
 Underlying values, assumptions, beliefs, attitudes, feelings Interpreting culture
o Rites and ceremonies
o Stories and myths...
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