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CHCCS400C – Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework: Assignment 1 What you have to do
Students need to complete three (3) tasks:
Task A: Complete ten (10) short answer questions based on the learning materials. Task B: Case study. Complete eleven (11) short answer questions. Task C: Complete six (6) short answer questions based on the learning material. Task A

Students need to answer the following questions:

1. Why is it important for a worker in the Community Services Industry to follow their job description?

2. Define the term policy.

3. Define the term procedure.

4. Why do Community Services Industry workers need to work within agency policy and procedures? Provide three (3) reasons.

5. Give five examples of areas that should be covered in a policy/procedure manual.

6. Define the term legislation.

7. Define the term statutory requirements?

8. Define the term regulatory requirements?

9. List three pieces of legislation impacting on the Community Services Industry and state the purpose of each. Legislation has the word ‘Act’ in the title.

10. When gathering personal information from a client, what do you need to tell them? Task B
Case Study
Read the following case study:
You are a family and community worker employed by a community-based organisation that is located in a public housing estate. You have been working with the following family for a number of months. Julie has four children, aged 2-10 years old, and lives in a public housing estate in ‘Springvale’. You became involved with Julie’s family when she moved to the estate, having left Bill, the father of her children, due to experiencing domestic violence. Julie was granted public housing due to her single parent status, and she is receiving Parenting Payment (Single) from Centrelink. She was referred to your service, regarding her issues of isolation and parenting difficulties with her elder children. The focus of your intervention has been supporting Julie in her parenting role, linking her with community resources and developing budgeting skills. Julie has never been notified to the state child protection services for suspected abuse of her children. During recent visits, you are becoming increasingly concerned about Julie’s lifestyle. Arriving at Julie’s place in the morning, the flat is very chaotic, the older kids are always rushing off late to school, and the flat is very messy, with unwashed dishes and scraps of food lying around. The younger children seem to always be watching TV and there is evidence of heavy drinking the night before. On your last visit, Julie informed you that Bill was moving in with her and the kids. Despite Bill’s heavy drinking, Julie is very lonely and not coping with the kids well on her own. She plans to keep this a secret from Centrelink and the state public housing department, as she may no longer be eligible for her financial benefits or subsidised housing. While you acknowledge Julie’s feelings of isolation, you are very concerned for the children’s safety if Bill returns to the family home. You decide that you need to discuss some of these recent developments with Julie. You are aware that Bill is very ‘anti-community workers’ and may react very negatively if he is there when you turn up. He has a history of bullying and threatening behaviour with community agencies that have assisted the family in the past.

Answer the following questions based on the case study:

1. How would you find out what your roles and responsibilities are as a family worker?

2. In this case study what would be your roles and responsibilities as the worker?

3. Consult the attached Job Description. From the job description state three (3) key responsibilities and discuss how you could apply each of the responsibilities to this family.

4. As the worker, identify and discuss two (2) ethical dilemmas in this case study. You need to state the ethical dilemmas from the learning material and...
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