Mis Laudon 12th Ed Chapter 5 Answer

Topics: Database, SQL, Database management system Pages: 27 (7131 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Chapter 5
Foundations of Business Intelligence: Database and
Information Management

Student Learning Objectives

1. How does a relational database organize data, and how does it differ from an object-oriented database? 2. What are the principles of a database management system?
3. What are the principal tools and technologies for accessing information from databases to improve business performance and decision making? 4. What is the role of information policy and data administration in the management of organizational data resources? 5. Why is data quality assurance so important for a business?

Chapter Outline

5.1The Database Approach to Data Management

Entities and Attributes
Organizing Data in a Relational Database
Establishing Relationships
5.2Database Management Systems
Operations of a Relational DBMS
Capabilities of Database Management Systems
Object-Oriented Databases
Databases in the Cloud
5.3Using Databases to Improve Business Performance and Decision Making
Data Warehouses
What Is a Data Warehouse?
Data Marts
Tools for Business Intelligence: Multidimensional Data Analysis and Data Mining
Data Mining
Databases and the Web
5.4Managing Data Resources
Establishing an Information Policy
Ensuring Data Quality

Key Terms

The following alphabetical list identifies the key terms discussed in this chapter. The page number for each key term is provided.

|Attributes, 149 |Field, 150 | |Data administration, 168 |Foreign key, 151 | |Data cleansing, 169 |Information policy, 166 | |Data definition, 157 |Key field, 150 | |Data dictionary, 157 |Normalization, 153 | |Data manipulation language, 157 |Object-oriented DBMS, 159 | |Data mart, 160 |Object-relational DBMS, 159 | |Data mining, 162 |Online analytical processing (OLAP), 161 | |Data quality audit, 169 |Predictive analysis, 164 | |Data warehouse, 160 |Primary key, 150 | |Database, 149 |Records, 150 | |Database administration, 168 |Referential integrity, 1653 | |Database management system (DBMS), 153 |Relational database, 150 | |Database server, 165 |Structured Query Language (SQL), 158 | |Entity, 149 |Text mining, 164 | |Entity-relationship diagram, 151 |Tuples, 150 | | |Web mining, 164 |

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