Mikhail Bakhtin work interpretation

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a) [N]o living word relates to its object in a singular way….The word, directed towards its object, enters a dialogically agitated and tension-filled environment of alien words, value-judgments and accents, weaves in and out of complex interrelationships, merges with some, recoils from others, intersects with yet a third group: and all this may crucially shape discourse, may leave a trace in all its semantic layers, may complicate its expression and influence its entire stylistic profile. 

(Mikhail Bakhtin)

The theories of the remarkable philosopher and literary critic Mikhail Bakhtin have made significant impingement on the 20th century philosophical boundaries, correlating the evolution of the literary-theoretical thinking. His novelty has exhibit concentration in the theoretical area whereas Bakhtin has discovered in his own way, resolutions of two significant problems: the theoretical bond of the language presented in the novel to the spoken language and the real foundations of the novel. Bakhtins view conceive the spoken 'word' as a social event, which shape and essence emanates altogether in one single unit, where the idea of social context is intimately related with the idea of the expressive style of a prose, logically obtaining a social status to the genre. Ideally, Bakhtins views are focused specifically on the conception of the 'word' within a dialogue. Within his ideas, the novel is unnaturally structured variety of many social speeches and unique voices where 'No living word relates to its object in a singular way' (DIN 276, M. B). Accordingly to Bakhtins theory, the novel continuously proceeds to present various context layers for a particular concentration of period phenomenons, people and culture. To him the novel is ever lasting living, artistically structured entity, compressing and uncovering the historical events by the exact precision transpired in the cultural and social realism in the form of dialogue, “ agitated and...
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