Mike's Bike Analysis

Topics: Computer graphics, Computer, Vector graphics Pages: 7 (2352 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Chapter 7: Multimedia
Module 1: Computer Graphics With the dawn of the Internet our computer experience has changed from a textual/numerical one to a world of images, sounds, moving pictures, and combinations of all these media. Graphics they way we imagined them on a two-dimensional page have sprung out in three-dimensions that are rotated, can be customized on demand, and can be used in simulating various real experiences. As the world become more vivid in the possible representations we find on our computers, users also become more savvy in manipulating and creating theses multimedia. Bitmapped Graphics: Images on a computer screen are made up of a matrix of pixels, tiny dots of black, white and color arranged in rows. Combination of pixels on the screen outlines the shape of letters, images, and all visual representations that appear on the computer. When painting, or representing an image on the screen there are different approaches of controlling the emerging shape. When free-hand painting is employed where every move form mouse or stylus is captured, as each pixel is determined, we say we are using bitmapped graphics. In this case the information in each pixel is saved in memory and determines the outcome of the whole image. The number of memory bits devoted to each pixel is called color depth, or bit depth, and in helps the artist create more realistic looking images. Another factor is resolution, which indicates the density of the pixels, usually described in dots per inch, dpi. Not surprising that these are common words used to describe the quality of your computer monitor’s image quality. The advantage of using bitmapped graphics is the control over detail and richness of the image but there is a price to pay in the use of memory. More information devoted to each pixel, translates in a better image but also in more use of memory space in your computer. Object-Oriented Graphics: There are times when you just want to draw a shape, like a circle, a rectangle, or any other regular geometric shape. Some users also don’t have a steady hand to draw a perfect circle with the use of the mouse. For these scenarios there are other software tools in existence. These programs allow you to select a shape and then determine the size, location, and color of an object. The motion of you hand is not captured in the strict sense of tracing every pixel but only guides the placement and general size and color of the object. These kinds of graphics are called object-oriented graphics. The fact you are not controlling the information at the pixel level but rather at the object level has the advantage of allowing the computer to help you draw certain shapes but lack the ability to create very realistic images. The object-oriented programs lend themselves well to creating charts, futuristic shape compositions, but won’t help you in the detail we find in bitmapped renditions. The information about object, which gets saved in the memory of the computer is less demanding in space. Details are saved at the object level, rather than pixel level, meaning much less memory space will be utilized.

Photographic Editing: Like a painting created with a bitmapped program, photographs allow the tracking of pixels, and the information associated with each, to capture the image from a camera. Image processing software enables the photographer to manipulate digital photographs and other images with tools similar to those found in painting program. Information can be erased, colors and shapes can be added, allowing photographers to eliminate ‘red eye’, remove unwanted reflections, or brush away blemishes. In addition to this other distortion can be obtained, making digital photographs unreliable pieces of information, especially when it comes to legal use.

3-D Modeling Software: Creating an image of a product or a design on your computer before you set up to produce the real item has many advantages. Creating threedimensional views, which help...
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