Midterm Study Guide

Topics: Credit history, Personal finance, Debt Pages: 3 (386 words) Published: June 24, 2013
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Mid-term Quiz Study Guide

Purpose: The purpose of this study guide is to assist in preparation for the mid-term quiz.

How to use this study guide: Use this study guide to review the content covered in each week of the course. The guide highlights the relevant weekly readings and videos that focuses on the important content areas.

Week One: Let’s Get Real and Personal

|Objective |What to Study | |Recognize the power of financial planning & |Standing in Your Truth | |budgeting. | | |Identify key short- and long-term financial |Financial Freedom | |planning goals. | | |Evaluate your current financial status. |Cash Flow Statements and different financial plans |

Week Two: Becoming Debt-Free

|Objective |What to Study | |Differentiate between secured and unsecured |Define secured and unsecured debt | |debt and strategies to address each. |Define good and bad debt | |Apply best practices for reducing credit card |Types of credit cards | |debt. |...
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