Midterm 1 Notes

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1/17: John Dies At the End
* CTCS 466
* Former Professors
* Arthur Knight
* Charles Chaplin
* Former Students
* Ron Howard
* Robert Zemeckis
* 16 mm/35 mm
* Brotherly Love (Popeye), Max Fleischer
* Original song
* Made for adults as well as children
* Take place in cities
* As opposed to the barnyard settings of early Disney * Classic cartoon
* Postmodern cartoon (The Simpsons)
* Digital Cinema Print (DCP)
* Ted Mundor, Landmark Theatres
* Career
* Monsters Magazine Film Fan Monthly (13 y.o.)
* Movies on TV & TV Movies (17 y.o.)
* American Society of Cinematographers (ASC)
* Gene Shalp, The Today Show
* Bruce Cook, Entertainment Tonight
* Theme: Great Moments from Movie Musicals
* “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, The Wizard of Oz
* Only a few cuts
* Simplicity requires confidence
* Contrast with the circus of Les Miserables
* Remains in character without melodrama
* Impression that she actually is singing
* She is very much still Dorothy Gale, not Judy Garland * John Dies At the End
* Phantasm
* Bubba Hotep
* Horror + Fantasy + Comedy
* Based on novel of the same name
* Don Coscarelli (Director/Producer)
* Loved the novel immediately
* Met Paul Giammatti on set of Bubba Hotep
* He has different audience from this kind of film * However, loves genre outside of his typecast
* Tone of the piece was difficult to find
* Created a lot of options in the editing
* Actors
* Chase memorized everything cover to cover
* Confidence level to experiment; never searching for words * Special effects are a tad cumbersome
* However, digital is just a tool same as the practical special effects; old tricks + new tricks * i.e. meat monster
* Economize time
* Always waiting on something; bottleneck
* Tried to schedule 3-4 days shooting + 3-4 days preparing per week to save time * Need to find actors who are willing to roll with being paid only for those certain days * Ended up being months of shooting

* Budget
* Most dollars went to time to shoot or time for visual effects or money for sound design/effects/music * i.e. $200/day for each nude actor, $1800/day for location; therefore each extra day costs $6,00 * Censorship Process/MPAA Ratings Board

* i.e. doorknob scene
* Credits
* Book has a coda section about another dimension * Collaborative moment when they were watching the cut and the credits spliced throughout (mini-sequel) * Chase Williamson (Star)

* USC Class of ‘10
* Loved the script immediately
* Timing was perfect
* School Script Screen
* Transitioned from stage to screen
* Fascinated by all the specialized roles on set * So much of the film is based on things imagined * Practical effects were easy
* Letting imagination go; no limit to potential * Rude awakening once shooting ended
* Andy (Credit: Assistant Director)
* Marketing Company; M3 Alliance
* Had originally planned to work on another project with Don Coscarelli, but didn’t work out this project worked out * Does whatever possible to get the movie done
* Marketing
* Cutting promos
* Providing funding/production materials/equipment/crew * Challenge
* To make sure that the schedule was intact
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