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Topics: Simon Rodia, Los Angeles Police Department, Anna Deavere Smith Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: October 23, 2013

Sonora McKeller ends her essay, “Watts—Little Rome,” with:

a) a call to riot: “Burn, Baby, Burn”
b) a demand that LA bring back a pro football team to play in the Coliseum called the “Gladiators.” c) a prayer
d) directions to a great little Italian restaurant in Watts e) a plea for people to visit the Simon Rodia’s Watts Towers.

2. Who offers the explanation during an interview in Anna Deavere Smith’s Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 that the civil unrest that began on April 29, 1992 can be seen in the context of America being a “gunfighter nation” whose major myth is that of the “fronteer, the way in which you expand the fronteer…is by being a gunfighter…because you wanna expand possibilities for the market, extract resources from the land, even as you subordinate the peoples who are on that land….on another level, it’s a deep machismo ethic, which is gangsterous….”?

a) Charlton Heston
b) Rodney King
c) Cornel West
d) Twilight Bey
e) Daryl Gates

What is the title of the painting Tod Hackett is making in Day of the Locust?

Briefly explain what causes the riot at the end of Day of the Locust taking into consideration how the novel explains the character of the crowd (and making a distinction between the movie version of the novel and the conclusion of the novel).

An A or A- anthology will:

- almost always have commentaries of at least 5 sentences with some length or complexity to the sentences. The B and below anthologies will use 3 or 4 sentences, most of them short or simple in structure. - make comparisons and contrasts between texts in every commentary and the A- anthologies will do it in most of the commentaries. - orchestrate the commentary in an alliance with developing a theme rather than just replicating the order listed in the assignment prompt. - make an effort to link each commentary to the theme or topic and will be an analysis of the passage in relation to the text rather than a personal response to the passage....
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