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This report describes the network security training planned for the staff of Orchard Street Art Center. The training will be provided by Brookstone Network Consulting and will focus on new security requirements for the wireless network. Liability Insurance Requirements

Network security training for all staff is required by the center’s liability insurance policy. As specified by our insurance carrier, Universal Pro Inc., each staff member will be assigned to one of three training levels. General users must complete multiple one-hour Level 1 classes to be held onsite at the art center. Department managers will be assigned to a one-day Level 2 training session on basic system administration and security management. The center’s two network managers and all technical staff must complete a two-day Level 3 security training seminar at the offices of Brookstone Network Consulting. Level 3 training will be supplemented with ongoing monthly education on emerging network threats. Instructors

Brookstone Network Consulting specializes in end-user support, network upgrade project management, and security infrastructure audits. The company’s training team combines classroom lectures with hands-on exercises designed to give students immediate, successful experiences with new technologies. Members of the Brookstone training team have won numerous teaching awards and volunteer their time at high schools throughout the St. Louis area. The class instructors and their professional specialties are as follows: [instructor names]

Training Schedule
The dates for Level 2 and Level 3 training are flexible, as long as all training is completed by the end of June. Network managers are free to set up their department’s training dates with the appropriate instructors at Brookstone. Level 1 training will begin in March and continue through the spring. Topics will be covered in the order shown in the following schedule: Level 1 Equipment Needs

The Level 1 training classes will...
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