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Microbiology Quizzes

Chapter 4

1. In the Gram stain, safranin serves as the
* Primary Stain
* Mordant
* Decolorizing agent
* Counter stain

2. *If you wanted to determine if a microorganism fermented a particular carbo * Biochemical tests
* Morphology
* Serology
* Phage typing

3. What part of the name Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the species? * Mycobacterium
* Tuberculosis
* The entire name
* None of it

4. The limit of useful magnification for a light microscope is * 100x
* 1000x
* 2000x
* 10,000x

5. In a light microscope, the high-power objective lens has a greater magnification than the oil immersion lens. * True
* false

6. Which of the following type of microscopes should be used to view a specimen at 50,000 magnification? * A transmission electron microscope
* A confocal microscope
* A phase-contrast microscope
* A dark-field microscope

7. In a Linnasean taxonomic scheme, closely related genera are placed in a larger grouping called the * Phylum
* Class
* Species
* Family

8. What is the purpose of fixation in smear preparation?
* It keeps cells from drying out during staining.
* It attaches cells firmly to the slide’s surface.
* It enables cells to take up more stain.
* It temporarily keeps cells from growing.

9. Which of the following is a true statement concerning basic dyes? * Eosin is an example of a basic dye.
* Basic dyes are also known as anionic chromophores.
* Basic dyes work best at a low pH
* Basic dyes are attracted to the negatively charged surface of cells.

10. All of the following are components of a bright-field compound microscope EXCEPT * The scanning objective lens
* The condenser lens
* The phase plate
* The oil-immersion objective lens

Chapter 6

A bacterial species has been determined to have a generation time of 30 minutes. If a microbiologist starts with an inoculum of 1000 cells/ml, and wants to grow it to a culture of 1,00,000 cells/ml, approximately how long should the culture be incubated? * 3.5 hours

* 24 hours
* 100 hours
* 5 hours

Direct methods of measuring microbial growth are more accurate than indirect methods. * True
* False

Nitrogen fixation
* Is the oxidation of nitrogen gas to from amino acids
* Is carried out by all bacteria
* Involves reduction of nitrogen gas to ammonia
* Is the process that incorportates nitrogen into nucleotides

Which of the following is NOT a toxic form of oxygen?
* Singlet oxygen
* Superoxide radicals
* Hydroxide ion
* Peroxide anions

Which of the following statements concerning nitrogen is FALSE? * Nitrogen is rarely a growth-limiting nutrient.
* Nitrogen is essential for the production of amino acids and nucleotide bases. * All cells can recycle nitrogen from their nitrogen-containing molecules. * Only a few types of bacteria can engage in nitrogen fixation.

Organic molecules that prokaryotic organisms need, but cannot synthesize by themselves, are called * Growth factors
* Trace elements
* Nutrients
* carotenoids

All of the following are associated with the streak plate of method of isolation EXCEPT * Colonies will be found growing at and below the surface of the medium * A solid medium in a Petri dish is used in this technique * A sterile inoculating loop or needle is used

* The purpose is to isolate colony-forming units (CFUs) from one another

Most bacterial cells divide using a process called binary fusion * True
* False

The MPN (most probable number) method of measuring microbial growth is one of the easiest and quickest methods. * True
* False
The majority of bacteria and archaea have not or cannot be grown in the laboratory * True
* False

Chapter 7

1. A competent cell is one that is...
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