Microbial Survey, Smear Preparation, and Simple Stain

Topics: Yeast, Bacteria, Fungus Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Instructional Objectives
1. Define
Roccal = green, liquid disinfectant.
Pathogen = an agent which causes disease.
Wet Mount Slide = a microscope slide of a liquid specimen covered with a cover glass. Yeast = a single celled fungi.
Budding = a true characteristic method of asexual reproduction among yeasts where budding of a new cell from a parent cell can be observed. Mold = multicellular masses of filamentous fungal growth.

Hyphae = individual filaments of mold, generally comprised of more than one cell. Mycelium = the entire mass of the intermeshed hyphae.
Colony = the sometimes circular body of fungal growth that is visible to the unaided eye. Can be comprised of thousands of hyphae and reproductive cells, yet is the result of an overgrowth of a single cell or reproductive spore. Reproductive Spore = a means of both reproduction and dissemination of molds, since they are readily carried about by air currents. Septa = hyphal cross walls which divide the filaments into separate cells. Petri Plate (dish) = a special covered dish in which mold is cultured. Medium = a solid nutrient used for culturing.

Agar = a non-nutrient thickening agent which is thicker than gelatin but still quite soft. Smear = a thin film of microbial cells on a microscope slide. Fixing = passing the smear through the flame of the laboratory burner three times in rapid succession to heat fix the smear. Simple Staining = staining cells with a single dye so that they can be more readily observed. Basic Dye = (methylene blue) has positively charged chromophore group. A basic dye will be attracted to any negatively charged substance, such as bacterium. Acidic Dye = (eosin) have negatively charged chromophore groups, and thus are attracted to positively charged substances. Chromophore Group = chemical staining group.

Bacilli = rod- shaped bacterium.
Endospore = survival forms of the cells.
Bacterial Spore = a released...
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