Mhr 3200—Exam 1 Key Concept

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Key Concepts

MHR 3200—Exam 1

Note: This is not necessarily an all-inclusive list, but rather is intended merely to be a list of the major concepts of which you should have a good level of knowledge and understanding. I reserve the right to ask questions on Exam 1 that do not tie directly to material on this list but do fall into the required reading and/or other presentation materials for this section of the course.

Introduction/Course Overview/Introductory Lecture
-Disciplines contributing to Organizational Behavior
- Three basic levels within the organization
-Context of strategy
-Cultural phenomena related to importance of OB

Strategy and Strategic Organizational Behavior
-Human Relations movement
- McGregor’s Theory X vs. Y
-Strategic management overview
-Strategy formulation (model, elements, etc.)
-Strategy implementation (model, elements, etc.)
-Linking strategy and human resource management
-Strategic issues related to human resource management (e.g., mergers, acquisitions, offshoring, etc.)

Organizational Culture and Socialization
-Organizational culture (primary functions, etc.)
-Values and culture
-Espoused vs. enacted values
-Ways to assess culture
-Ways to change and influence culture
-Person/culture fit concept and implications
- Organizational socialization (definition, phases, etc.)
-Socialization tactics

Global Organizational Behavior
-Societal culture influence on organizational behavior
-Ethnocentrism and related issues
-Hofstede’s model and dimensions
-GLOBE model of cultural differences
-Other cultural differences (high vs. low context, time orientation, etc.) -Expatriates (use, issues, success factors, reasons for failure, etc.) -Global leadership attributes

Social Perception and Individual Differences
-Social information processing model
-Different types of rating biases, errors, etc. (e.g., self-serving bias, halo error, etc.) -Attribution theory...
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