Topics: Immigration, Human migration, United States Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Mexican migration into the US

Migration from Mexico to USA started in the early 40’s, where Mexican nationals where temporarily allowed to work primarily in the agricultural industry. Then as the years went on more Mexicans migrated to the USA to work on farms and other low skilled jobs. During this time there had been boarder controls set up due to the masses of people trying to get into the USA illegally and Immigration services, which deported 3.8 million Mexicans in 1953. The Push factors for these people are mainly poverty and poor education and healthcare. There is one doctor to every 1800 people and GDP is 13,800$ and adult literacy is only 86%. The pull factors are better life style and more income. Over here there is one doctor to every 400 people and the GDP is 47,000$ and adult literacy is 99%. At the moment there are three types of migrants illegal, education and temporary. The first formal migration policy was in 1942 called the Bracero program. This program allowed Mexican nationals to temporarily work in the United States. Which benefited the US, as Mexicans were willing to do low skilled jobs for low wages. The Bracero program was finally repealed in 1964, which lead to largest increase of illegal immigrants. There where some problems for the US as well because they were taking jobs from the local people and not using they money earned in the local economy, instead sending it back to their families in Mexico. The US also really benefitted from the immigrants, because in the 90’s if it wasn’t for the immigrants there would be a shortage in work force. The Mexicans faced some problems whilst in the US, for example racial tension builds between locals as more Mexicans migrate. There is a language barrier; they cannot speak English making it hard to communicate. Also there is a change in environment, which also means a change in culture, which some Mexicans are not happy about. Mexicans have brought more problems than positives as they don’t...
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