Methods of Research

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Perhaps one of the basic ways to define a word is by looking into its etymology: Research is derived from the French word recherché, from recherchér where chercher means “to search” while its literal meaning is “to investigate thoroughly”. Another way is from the component of the word itself:

Research is composed of two syllables: re, a prefix meaning again, repeat, or over again and search, a verb which means to examine closely and carefully, a quest for something, that is research may mean a continuous and recurring studies. Further, the dictionary classifies research as a noun that involved studying something or trying to find out facts about it through scholarly or scientific investigation. Research is also synonymous to a quest for knowledge, data or truth. Below are more several technical definitions for the term research: •A process of scientific thinking that leads to the discovery of establishment of new knowledge or truth. It is not subjective expression of ideas or opinions (Isidro and Malolos, 1979).

The careful, unbiased investigation of a problem, based in so far as possible, upon demonstrable facts and involving refined distinctions, interpretations, and usually some generalizations (Good, 1956).

The systematic and objective analysis and recording of controlled observations that may lead to the development of generalizations, principles, or theories, resulting in the prediction and possibly the ultimate control of events (Best, 1981).

A systematic, controlled, empirical and critical investigation of hypothetical propositions about the presumed relations among natural phenomena (Kerlinger, 1973). These may explain why the said term when used in any discussion, whether formal or informal in nature, readily connotes and suggests that a lot of books would be opened, websites searched, libraries unlocked and tons of questions would have arise one after every answer found, not to mention sleepless nights...
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