Methods in observing children's behavior

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Methods for Recording Observation of Young Children’s Behavior

Rating Scale
A device that can be used by an observer to summarize judgment of the activity or behaviour that has been observed. A scale may have three, five, seven, nine, one hundred or infinite number of points on a line with descriptive statements on either end, and perhaps in the middle as well. Following a selected period of time, an observer records, his/her impression, thereby providing a quantitative estimate of what has transpired. Example:

(5) (4) (3) (2) (1) 1. Teacher talks most of the time __ _x_ __ __ __ Children talk most of the time (7) (6) (5) (4) (3) (2) (1) 2. Students often ask question __ __ _x_ __ __ __ __ Students rarely ask questions. (9) (8) (7) (6) (5) (4) (3) (2) (1) ____ _______________________________________ 3. Teacher makes all the Teacher helps No Classroom Classroom decision students make decisions decisions are made

When human beings are used to measuring instruments, their perception is subject to many influences. One of these influences is called the Halo Effect , which means that obsevers have a tendency when they like a person and rate that person positively on all scales, thus causing the scales to measure simply the general positiveness of the observer’s perception.

It is recommended that the “accuracy” or consistency of the rating procedures be determined. This is usually accomplished by employing two or more raters and having each complete the scales, then correlating the two ratings to obtain a coefficient of interrater reliability. It is further recommended that the average or mean of the sets of...
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